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Hacked Hotmail Account

There are millions of users all over the world who use Hotmail as their primary email service. This is because Microsoft offers a user-friendly platform to exchange emails with additional features. You can use Hotmail for both personal emailing as well as professional emailing. Hotmail allows the user to keep all their email data secure by adding two-step verification and by having a strong password but users feel this to be a tedious task to add two-step authentication.

A lot of people keep their personal and financial information stored in their Hotmail account. But the internet is not a safe place; it can get attacked by hackers at any time. Hackers are always keeping their eye on your sensitive information. Once a hacker got access to your account, then he can use all the information stored in it and in fact, he can use your email ID in an inappropriate manner. Basically, you are in trouble if your account is in control of a hacker. It is suggested that user should immediately get in touch with Hotmail executives on Hotmail Support Number UK, if they notice any suspicious activity with their account or if they are unable to access their account.

There are several reasons why your account might get hacked, some of them are mentioned below

  • Your password is stolen
  • You have shared your password with someone knowingly and unknowingly.
  • You left your account signed in on a public computer.
  • Hackers attacked your system on which Hotmail is open through a malware.

Whatever the reason is, the user needs to take immediate action to get their access back to their Hotmail account. First, you need to take measures so that hacker could no longer access your account.

  • If the hacker has tried to change your account information and you observe something fishy with your account, then first you must change your password. If possible, then also add two-step verification to make it more secure in future.
  • Also, check your security information. The hacker might have changed it.
  • Turn on the alerts from Security settings and make sure that checkbox next to your mobile phone is ticked.
  • Keep a backup of your emails and contacts.
  • If you have lost your access to your account then do not panic you can try recovering your account with alternative email address and mobile phone.

If nothing helped, then try taking help from our technical agents on Hotmail Helpline Number UK. They will suggest you various means through which you can regain your access to your Hotmail account. In fact, they will also suggest you different ways to prevent you from hackers in the future.