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Hotmail Email: Let's understand more about different features

The email platform is constantly developing and due to it, the user is able to not just send or receive emails but also communicate easily. Hotmail was launched in full form in 1996 but very soon was taken over by a software giant like – Microsoft. Ever since the Microsoft took over it, then numerous form of additions of effective services were introduced. One does not have to worry about the number of people who are banking on Hotmail is approximately 350 million and still counting.

If the user is also seeking professional advice through Hotmail Helpline Number UK then the user will know more about the features of Hotmail. The superior features being used will definitely make your work richer.

Conversation Threading – Through the addition of such advanced form of feature user can easily examine the emails that are part of a single email conversation. The user just needs to Click on one and user will find all past correspondence interlinked in this conversation thread below it.

Integrated Office Web Apps – The user can see any official document with the aid of these applications in a new browser window. On the other hand, a user can also preserve it on Windows Live SkyDrive. By the aid of SkyDrive, a user is in a perfect position to share the documents of up to 50 MB, in addition to 25 GB, this way other users can view and perform the respective task.

Active View - This is definitely very reliable and active feature of Hotmail. Introduction of this feature has enabled the use of switching between different windows and also revealing everything in the user’s inbox. It can be Email Text, Pictures, Videos, and even a slideshow.

In addition to this, if the user is looking for more assistance, the user just needs to depend on a source like Hotmail Contact Number UK. The professionals and other engineers will make sure that each feature is being described in a correct manner. At no stage, the user needs to worry about any form of technicalities arising inside the Hotmail. All forms of confusions will be cleared out without any complications. After all, the worthiness of a particular feature inside the Hotmail is only present after a detailed evaluation conducted by the professionals of Hotmail.