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Hotmail Contact Number UK

Change or Reset Password

Hotmail is one of the oldest and best email service providers. With the launch of Hotmail about two decades ago, a revolution came into the world of emails. It offers the best email service with some outstanding feature and enhanced security. It has all that a user looks for in an email client. You can easily send and receive emails and keep your messages safe and secure. Moreover, the strong spam filter keeps the user away from unwanted emails. Now Microsoft has merged it with Outlook. Both Hotmail and Outlook are considered as one. All-in-All Hotmail is user oriented and has all that is necessary for nice emailing experience.

But there are some responsibilities of users as well to keep their account secure from online threats. If you keep one single password for long then it becomes easy for hackers to guess your password. This is why Hotmail service providers always suggest their clients to keep changing their password after every few months. Changing or resetting password becomes even more necessary if the user uses the same password on different websites or if you notice any kind of suspicious activity within your Hotmail account. Make sure whenever you change Hotmail password, you make a strong and unpredictable one.

How to change Hotmail Password??

  • On your web browser, open
  • Then sign in to your Hotmail account and go to its settings.
  • From the settings choose the option of Change Hotmail password.
  • Choose the reason why you want to change the password and click Next.
  • Then enter your email ID and the Captcha code, then click Next.
  • On the next screen, enter your existing password and the new password on the respective fields and click Next.

This way you can change and reset Hotmail password. Sometimes, the user is not able to follow the instruction without any live technical support as they are scared that they will make some mistake which will ultimately lead to the bigger problem or they might lose their access to their account. If this is the scenario with you, then you must give us a call at Hotmail Helpline Number UK. Here you can access remote support from top-class technicians. They are the best to consult for any email related issue. Changing password is a delicate issue, and for this, you must consult an expert.