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Hotmail Sending & Receiving Issue

Using Hotmail as primary email service gives the user a surety that they are secure. Hotmail is not only easy to use but it comes with some additional benefits. It allows the user to send large attachments and even have big storage space. Most professionals and organizations use Hotmail to communicate with their clients and co-workers. Once the user starts using this email service from Microsoft then they will never prefer to switch from it.

But every good thing comes with some drawbacks as well. Even Hotmail can get different technical issues which can make things difficult for the user. In fact, at times the user is not able to send and receive emails.

Some factors that can be responsible for this issue are as follows

  • Your Hotmail is not connected to the internet or the network.
  • Maybe your Hotmail account uses an outgoing mail server (SMTP) that requires authentication.
  • You inserted incorrect account credentials.
  • Your email server is unavailable.
  • The ISP or network has a firewall that blocks connection with SMTP.
  • Your network requires a proxy server to connect with the mail server.

There are various steps that one can take to eliminate this issue. They can even take help from Hotmail executives who are available at Hotmail Toll Free Number UK to resolve Hotmail Send & Receive Email problem. You can also try the given steps to fix receiving email issue in Hotmail.

  • Maybe you have exceeded the email limit which is why you unable to receive more emails. Create some space in your Hotmail account by deleted unwanted emails and attachments.
  • Check your net connection.
  • It can also happen due to corrupt Hotmail account or if there is an error in your email account. Check your SMTP connection and take needed action.
  • Virus or malware infection can also be the cause of it.
  • Incorrect Firewall settings can also cause the issue.
  • Last but not the least, this happens with the user that they have unknowingly blocked that user from whom they are expecting an email.

The user needs to take proper action to start sending and receiving emails. However, if you are unaware of the proper method then you can even take help from Hotmail experts by giving them a call at Hotmail Customer Care Number UK. They can definitely help you with this issue and others.