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How to Trace an Email Sender through IP Address?

We all receive a number of emails on our email account, some of them are sent by people we know while other emails are work-related but still, there are some emails that we are not aware of. We don’t know who sent us those email and for what purpose they are being sent to us. In fact, at times we receive some alarming emails with some threatening messages, then it becomes necessary for us to find out about the sender of the email. If you are not able to trace the sender on your own then you can even take help from experts on Hotmail Customer Care Number UK.

Every email sender has an Internet Protocol (IP) address associated with their computer and if you want to trace the sender then you can do it through the IP address. Through IP address you can trace the location from where the email was sent. But at times you will not be able to trace an email address, but by using the field from the view from your Hotmail service provider you can trace most emails area of origin.

Let us learn how you can trace an email location using the IP address:

• Sign in to your Hotmail account using Internet Browser and then open your email and email program. Don't open the attachment as that can be suspicious.
• Click the drop-down menu which is located next to Reply on the top right corner of your message.

• Then select “View Message Source”. This will open a window with the address information.

• From the header window, copy all the information and then paste it into a Word document. This will make it easy for you to look for IP address.

• Now find the word “X-Originating-IP” in the document to get the IP address. In case, you can’t find this word then look for “Received” and follow the line until you get the numerical address with periods (.) in between. That is the IP address of the sender.

• Search for IP Address locating website on the internet. There are many and most of them are free. If you are not able to find the one then call us at Hotmail Phone Number UK for help.

• Copy the IP address that you found and then paste it in the field provided by IP address search engine and press “Enter”.

Now you can review the result shown by the search engine. Most of them show the state or city of the IP address and maybe the computer name to which this IP address is associated.