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Precautions taken to stop Hotmail account from getting hacked

Mailing world is brimmed with a number of mailing clients that are competing with each other in every aspect. Out of them, Hotmail is considered as the prime spot for all the mailing tasks you will perform. It includes a wide variety of functional features that are way easy to access. You can send mails; receive mails, import or exports contacts and much more. But mailing platforms are more prone to hacking and they get hacked easily. And there can be any cause that might appear with such alarming situation. If you are getting any other Hotmail issue, get help from the technical team at Hotmail Contact Helpline UK for easy support. The technicians are very helpful in providing you the best.

Your Hotmail account gets hacked at the most unpleasant time. But this is not the case; rather we should find the cause that has resulted in this. And our next step should be the prevention measure that can prevent the account from getting hacked. Hacked account means that the username and password has been stolen.

Just follow the given steps and prevent your Hotmail account from being hacked:

• You must not login your Hotmail account in any system on a café or anywhere else. These systems allow programs to run in the background when you don’t know about them and they steal your password too. Moreover, they are not installed with any antivirus security, so viruses can easily access your computer and you become prone to the risk.

• Make sure that you don't have simple or single word passwords. The simple passwords can easily be hacked, so while you create your account’s password, make sure it is complex in a way.

• Just be sure that you haven’t used the same password two times. When hackers hacked your password, they can even steal your bank details using the same password.

• This is recommended to change your passwords on monthly basis. When someone have your account password or in the process to get it, you can prevent them in their tracks right after you change it on monthly basis.

• Do install antivirus software to keep your system protected from virus as they can capture your password.

• Your passwords shouldn’t be seen on your computer, like when you have account name and password all saved in a file. It is a must prevention measure you must take.

If you have any other abnormal issue, take help of the tech representatives at Hotmail Technical Care Number UK for best assistance. You will be given first preference with the detailed resolution against your problem.