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What to do if Hotmail is loading at snail's pace?

Well, the use or utility of anything is dependent on how effectively that product or service is assisting the user in doing the assigned work. if there is any glitch then delivery of quality work is going to be affected. So, for this user needs to make sure of adopting right and workable steps. in the context of Hotmail user should not worry about effectiveness.

There might be an occurrence of some odd form of technical glitch which might derail the seamless movement of Hotmail. If there is any trouble, the user should just refer to experts of Hotmail through Hotmail Help Number UK. According to the experts if the user feels that one could increase your Internet speed, but there are less-extreme approaches that can speed up Hotmail for free, including disabling the reading pane -- which will prevent emails from automatically downloading -- disabling add-ons and enabling only headers to download into your junk mail folder.

The user needs to follow the instructions that are explained by the experts of Hotmail and these are listed below –

Disable the Reading Pane –

1. the user needs to first of all log into their Hotmail Account.

2. Now, just press on “Ctrl – V” on your keyboard to highlight the View Dialog Box, and then correctly Click on "Layout".

3. At this stage, just uncheck the box that says “Show the reading Pane” which is located beneath the “Reading Pane” section or category.

4. The user needs to Click “OK” to make sure changes are being saved. Now, the user's email will no longer automatically download simply by clicking it. For downloading, the user will have to open it for downloading.

Disabling Windows Live Messenger Autoload –

1. Firstly, the user has to Click on the Windows orb and then type "Manage Browser Add-Ons" into the “Search Programs and Folders” category. A Pop-Up dialog box will appear.

2. in the next stage, the user needs to Click on the “Programs” tab in the pop-up dialog box and later on Click on the “Manage Add-Ons” buttons to open the new window.

3. Now, click on the “Tollbars and Extensions” which is located on the left side of the window, beneath the “Add-On types” Section.

4. A user needs to scroll down until the user finds the “Windows Live Sign-in Helper” add-on Right-Click it, and then “Click on “Disable” to prevent Windows Live Messenger from automatically loading.

Disable Junk Mail –

1. In this case, the user needs to, first of all, locate your junk mail folder in the left-hand pane of your Windows Hotmail Homepage.

2. Right Click on the folder and then hover your cursor over the “Synchronize settings” option.

3. A user needs to Click on the option that displays “Header only” to prevent junk mails from being downloaded from the server unless the user opens the email. Instead, only headers will be displayed.

The user will also gain a lot of information if the detailed form of conversation is being held between the user and the professional of Hotmail. A source like - Hotmail Support Number UK turns out to be of great use to the concerned user. As then the detailed form of understanding about the functioning of the Hotmail will be explained. The user does not have to run here and there for in-depth knowledge about it.